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Thank you for sending me details of your other assets. These have now been added to your dashboard.

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Here is our latest report which can be viewed here and listened to here.


Please click here for our latest update on the current state of the financial markets.

An audio file is also available.

The latest Vanguard Newsletter is also available for download.


Please click here for our April 2020 Covid-19 update.

An audio file is also available.


I know that the current climate is not necessarily conducive to considering investments etc especially when we are seeing reductions in values. In the reasonable belief that these reductions are not permanent, we feel we should issue this reminder towards the financial year end.

Pension contributions- now is the time to make sure these are at the level you want - don't forget there is at least a 20% uplift on these straight away by dint of tax relief given at source. Higher rate taxpayers can claim additional tax relief via their tax returns. Companies making employer contributions receive corporation tax relief.

Also - of course ISAs- where possible or desirable, the annual limit should not be lost.

For anyone nervous of the markets, these contributions (pensions and ISAs) can temporarily be made into cash funds if preferred and moved into an investment strategy when felt appropriate.

Finally a note about 'Bed and ISA' - as clients with general investments accounts know, annually, we look to move funds from the general account into the ISA account. Whilst markets are volatile we will defer this programme of shifting funds until volatility normalises as any tax benefits can be quickly lost whilst funds are in transit in a volatile market.

16/03/2020 Latest Coronavirus update. Please read our latest document for further details. An audio only version is also available.
10/03/2020 Coronavirus: An update. Please read our latest document for further details.
05/03/2020 There is a national outage on Virgin Media today - our phones and our computers run across the Virgin business internet service - as such we have no phones at work or access to our software for our work - advisers are working at home where they have another provider's broadband - if you phone our landline 01722 411 411 please leave a voicemail - we can access these via email to an office I-phone. Obviously this is entirely beyond our control and we will be monitoring the service for its resumption. Mike Hurst.
28/02/2020 Coronavirus Update. We are of the mind that this just has to be sat out. Please read an overview document for further details.
28/01/2020 You may have noticed that values have retracted a little in the last few days. Worldwide stock markets have seen modest falls after a very strong run and in the main, the contributory factor is the health scare crisis in China. The Chinese stock market has closed until the start of February and our estimation is that many speculative traders have sold out of their stock positions to seek to make capital in this volatile period. As you know we do not take bets on which way the market may move in the short term and instead have a medium to long term view on strategy - to do otherwise would be gambling. Thus whilst we remain vigilant, we do not anticipate making any short term knee jerk changes. Mike Hurst.
28/12/2019 Markets are enjoying a rally as the year end approaches. Despite being closed until 6th January 2020 all emails and voicemails are being monitored.
24/12/2019 Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year from all of at HFC.